YASHICA-MAT permits use of either. or film by simply adjusting the position of the pressure plate. YASHICA-MAT’ assures perfect exposure. 25 Jun Yashica Mat G TLR Camera Manual. FEATURES: Type: Twin-lens reflex camera accepting either ( film) = 12 exposures or ( film). YASHICA MAT user’s manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free.

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The exposure meter pointer in the Exposure Indicator Window is coupled to the shutter mechanism and will shift in either direction when the shutter speed is adjusted. This will yashica mat 124g manual me to continue to host this site, buy new manuals, and pay their shipping costs. When using filter, make compensation for ywshica according to the filter factor. M-class bulbs F-class bulbs Electronic flash. In other words, all objects from a distance of about 7 feet to 15 feet will appear sharp and clear on the film.

Built-in match-needle type CdS meter based on pre-selection of shutter speed; film speed range from ASA 25 to ; meter switch coupled to viewfinder hood; yashica mat 124g manual on 1,3 V mercury battery. When the camera is to be left unused, fold the focusing hood.

Yashica Mat G user manual, instruction manual

Open the Battery Compartment Cover holding with finger and by turning it counter-clockwise. Correct exposure in flash photography is determined by referring to the guide number yashica mat 124g manual the flash bulb or electronic flash in use. To set the Sports finder for action, press the Sports finder Frame Cover all the way in until it clicks in place. Another wind of the crank-handle will bring out the Yashicw in the window, but continue winding until the crank handle yashica mat 124g manual freely without tension.

The even distribution of light over the yashica mat 124g manual subject area will assure better nat balance. When closing the Back Cover, see that the lug on the body rests properly in the slot on the Back Cover Latch. This camera uses a 1. For instance, double the exposure yashic a Y2 filter is mounted over the taking lens.

Also make sure that the Lower Spool Holder is returned to its original position after loading the film.

When the figure “24” appears in the exposure counter window, it signifies that the full length of the film has been exposed. Plug the PC cord of the flash unit into the Flash Contact of the camera. The exposure counter resets automatically to “S” Start when the Yashica mat 124g manual Cover is yashica mat 124g manual. Use the above address for a check, M. FILTER 30 mm bayonet type Better overall yashic can be obtained through use of a filter when shooting sea or snow scenes, etc.


After focusing, compose your picture.

User Guide for Yashica Camera, Free Instruction Manual

Crank-handle film advance with automatic film stop; simultaneously charges the shutter for the next exposure; automatic resetting exposure counter registers the number of exposed frames.

Aperture scale from F3,5 to F32; adjustable film pressure plate usable with both 12 and 24 exposure load yashica mat 124g manual exposure load reminder window, threaded cable release socket; hinged back cover; bayonet-type filter mount accepting 30 mm filters. The exposure meter begins to function when the focusing hood is set upright by lifting yashica mat 124g manual Mxnual gently with your fingertip.

After closing the Back Cover, wind the crank-handle until the figure “1” appears in the Exposure Counter Window.

Yashica 124G Manual

The CdS exposure meter built into the camera is designed to make automatic compensation for yashica mat 124g manual when shooting against light, therefore, take the exposure reading in the normal way. At ”B” Bulb setting, the shutter remains open over the duration the Shutter Release Button is depressed. The Self-Timer is activated through depression of the Shutter Release Button and trips the shutter yashica mat 124g manual a delay of 6 to 15 seconds.

If you use Pay Pal, use the link below.

LENS HOOD 30 mm bayonet type Use of lens hood is recommended for subjects in bright light, sea or snow scenes, and to 1124g unnecessary stray light from falling on the lens. To focus, turn the Focusing Knob while observing the image of your subject produced on the Focusing Screen. Turn the Aperture Control Dial and coincide the yellow follower needle coupled to the aperture yashica mat 124g manual with the red meter pointer coupled to the shutter mechanismboth visible in the Exposure Indicator Window.

Butkus, 29 Lake Ave. The depth of field for a given aperture and camera-to-subject distance can be read off the depth-of-field scale around the Focusing Knob. The camera features a magnifying lens for critical focusing which springs up into position when the sports finder frame section of the Focusing Hood is pushed in slightly.

This setting is used for long exposures under subdued light conditions or in shooting fireworks, etc. Continue winding the film until the “start” mark on the film leader paper lines up with the RED triangular “start” mark for film.


The mercury battery is no longer available. This will switch off the meter and prevent draining of battery power. The film may fail to advance if the film leader is not inserted properly into the slot.

The correct aperture is obtained yashica mat 124g manual dividing the guide number for a specific ASA yashuca speed rating by the camera-to-subject distance. Twin-lens reflex camera accepting either 12 exposures or 24 exposures film. When the back cover is closed, the exposure load reminder window will show “12 EX” green in case of film, and “24 EX” red in case of film, to check the exposure load of the film in use. The proper combination of the shutter speed and aperture is shown in the Shutter Speed and Aperture Indicator Windows.

Then, wind it all the way in a counter clockwise motion toward yashica mat 124g manual to charge the shutter. Out of focus Your subject will appear blurred yashica mat 124g manual the Focusing Yashica mat 124g manual when it is out of focus. In case of slow shutter speeds 1 sec. The letter ”S” appears in the Exposure Counter during the film loading operation. The Sports finder incorporate in the Focusing Hood comes in handy for snapshots or when shooting fast-moving subjects at eye-level.

After the Take-up Spool is set properly in the yashica mat 124g manual, return the Spool Holder Knob to its original position. When loading a film yashica mat 124g manual exposureshold the jat cover with both hands and slide the Film Pressure Plate with your thumbs until it clicks into position and the sign 12 EX. Uneven film feeding and poor focusing may result if the Film Manuual Plate is not properly yashifa. When shooting Landscapes or other open scenes, the use of a lens hood is recommended to ward off extraneous reflected light.

Charge the shutter by winding the Crank-handle and then set the Self-Timer by shifting the lever on the bottom of the lens barrel section in the direction of the amnual. Pull out the Upper Yashica mat 124g manual Holder Knob and take out the exposed film from the film chamber.