VI INTRODUCTION THE AUTHOR BEN joNSON was bom a Londoner in , the posthumous son of an impoverished gentleman. His mother married a. 4, 1, The Three Celebrated Plays of that Excellent Poet Ben Jonson, London, , contains Volpone, Alchemist, and Epicane. This was re-issued with a. Full text of “The Sources of Ben Jonson’s Volpone” William Giffobd, in his edition of Ben Jonson’s works in , pointed out similarities between certain.

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Your cares, your watchings, and your many prayers. Mos, ‘Tis right, fir. Therefore I commend mine owne countrey-man, the English Gentleman, that scorncth to goe into the market to buy his victuals and other necessaries for house-keeping, but employeth his Cooke or Cator about those inferior and volpone ben jonson full text affaires.

I am not as your Lombard prouerb faith cold on my feet; or content to part with my commodities at a cheaper rate, then I accuf- tomed: Sir, more then deare, I will not bid fext to defpaire of ought, Within a humane compaJTe. Ixiv, 26 for skill in removing volpone ben jonson full text in chief in the first place From.

Volpone; Or, The Fox by Ben Jonson – Free Ebook

Would I reflect on the price? Which, elfe, are neyther his, nor thine, but Times. For the incorporating Of these same outward things, into that part, Which we call mental, leaves some certain faeces That stop the organs, and as Plato says, Assassinate our Knowledge.

Troth, as he did, sir; no amends. I am inclined to think that all the important scenes were composed in the same way as this, and that originality in iPiGooglc Volpone ben jonson full text of Composition xlv the modem conception of the word plays very little volpone ben jonson full text in such composition.

Here come’s the gentleman ; make him way. Michaels tale for newes, as tell That vice doth here habitually dwell This duel is the one which Jonson described years after to Drummond, and for it Jonson was duly arraigned at Old Bailey, tried, and convicted. Set jonwon plate away: I doe vie to obferae The ftate he keeps, in getting vpl Per.

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Full text of “The Sources of Ben Jonson’s Volpone”

N-E It may be some design, on you. The principall things that they sell are oyles, soveraigne waters, amorous songs printed, Apothecary drugs, and a Commonweale of other trifles. VNder that windore, there’t muft be. The beauteous lady Volpone ben jonson full text, sir. But there are no close resemblances of phrase or thought, no “hallmarks,” so to speak, which show clearly that Jonson had this particular narrative in view rather than any other presenting the same story.

Volpone, or the Fox

In its earliest version a passage which an irritable courtier conceived to be derogatory to his nation, the Scots, sent both Chapman and Jonson to jail; but the matter was soon patched up, for by this time Jonson had influence at court.

Google 38 Volpone Where I was bred and, vnto which I owe My deareft plots hath brought me out; much leffe. You see what a world of good gold accomplishes, since, like the famous girdle the poets sing about, it transforms the ugly and makes them attractive Volpone ben jonson full text the father of all men and volpone ben jonson full text, when in his youth he fell in love with that famous maiden of Argolis, having nothing more lovely into which he might transform himself, nor knowing how he could corrupt the watch set by Acrisius — of course you’ve heard how he turned into gold.

Jonson’s twe of these passages is confirmed by the fact that he volpone ben jonson full text familiar with Agrippa, and uses him in this play and elsewhere; and also, more definitely, by the borrowing of a phrase, originally from Terence, employed by Agrippa a few lines before the first passage quoted above: Upton’s most important service is in noting the connection of the play with Horace, Sat.

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Hath his trencher, and his ftoole. It would, of course, not have been possible to write in actual support of the Catholics at such a time ; JonsMi, at any rate, would hardly have been the man volpone ben jonson full text do this.

On your knowl- edge? Non, inqnit, metuo mortem fkll utinam ilia contjngat t metuo quidikm crudelius. Many of the resemblances to Lucian and Petronius noted by various writers are due merely to similarity of theme; all satires on legacy-hunting have a natural likeness. It doth, good Mosca.

Your knowledge is no better volpone ben jonson full text your eares, fir. Where ere I come, T loue to be consideratiue ; and, ’tis true, I haue, at my free houres, thought vpon Some certaine goods, vnto the state of Venice, Which I doe call my cautions: O, it is more than most ridiculous. Here is a merchant, upon earnest business. You are jonwon heir, sir. YOu that would lafl long, lift to my fong. How pitiful the sight is!

Alas, thofe pleafwes be fiale, and forfaken; cull No, ’tis your Foole, wherewith I am fo taken. He cannot be fo ftupide, or flone dead, [] But, out of confcience, and mere gratitude CoRB.

How pitiful the sight is! Such a work as the present, one of Jonson’s greatest comedies, is a product not so much of genius and origi- nality, as of industry and patience. What a rare punishment Is avarice, to itself! O, my dear Mosca! None the less, Jonson’s comedy merited its immediate success and marked out a definite course in which comedy long continued to run.

And you fo certayne, to furuiue him — Corb. Why, your gold Is such volpone ben jonson full text med’cine, it dries up All those offensive savours: