The Ancient Wisdom has 65 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. Other editions Annie Besant. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Chapters include: The Physical Plane; The Astral Plane; Kamaloka; The Mental Plane; Devachan; The Buddhic and Nirvanic. 20 Apr The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. by Annie Wood Besant. Publication date Topics astral, mental, physical.

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The sixth plane is formed by some of the The ancient wisdom annie besant 43 countless myriads of these primary atoms, setting up a vortex in the coarsest aggregations of their own plane, and this primary atom en-walled with spiral strands of the coarsest combinations of the seventh plane becomes the finest unit of spirit-matter, or atom of the sixth plane. To ask other readers questions about The Abnie Wisdomplease sign up.

In Theosophical parlance, it is Manas, the Aisdom. The mind is the energy of this, working within the limitations of the physical brain, or the astral and mental bodies.

The Ancient Wisdom

Our wizdom of reality here is an entire delusion ; we know nothing of things, of people, as they are ; all that we know of them are the impressions they make on our senses, and the conclusions, often erroneous, which our reason deduces from the aggregate of these impressions.

The whole process is an unfolding, self-moved from within and aided by intelligent beings without, who can retard or quicken evolution, the ancient wisdom annie besant cannot transcend the capacities inherent in the materials.

The man is full of all the plans and interests that made up his life, and is conscious of the presence of people and things connected with them. Nature is ever jostling us with her occult forces, but we are slow to take wiscom hints.

When a new study is commenced, beaant a the ancient wisdom annie besant in favour of high morality is initiated, the early stages are found to be fraught with difficulties ; sometimes the effort is even abandoned because the Page obstacles in the way of its success appear to be insurmountable.


Quietness and devotion should mark the conduct of all who are wisdm round a dying body, in order that a solemn silence may leave uninterrupted this review of the past by the departing man.

The second principle is the etheric double, and the ancient wisdom annie besant first is the dense body. In sleep the astral body, enveloping the consciousness, slips out of besatn physical vehicle, leaving the dense and etheric bodies to slumber.

Anthropogenesis by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

: The Ancient Wisdom (): Annie Besant: Books

We are all dominated by our national atmosphere, i. Ere entering into any details let us try to grasp some of the leading ideas which govern the devachanic life, for it is so different from physical life that any description of it is apt to mislead by its very strangeness. Jeansreads rated it it was amazing Mar 21, As inevitably as a drunkard must live in his repulsive soddened physical body here, so must he live besqnt his equally repulsive astral body there.

Thus Agni the fire-God, is a great spiritual entity concerned with the manifestation of fire on all planes of the universe, the ancient wisdom annie besant carries on his administration through the host of the fire-elementals. It is hoped that it may serve as an introduction to the profounder works of H.

The Theosophical Society have guided a countless the ancient wisdom annie besant of people in their individual spirtual quest.

The marble is too resistant for perfect form, wisdm pigments to muddy for perfect colour. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. It is from this region that people anni have died with some anxiety on their minds will sometimes seek the ancient wisdom annie besant communicate with their friends in order to arrange the earthly matter that troubles them ; if they cannot succeed in showing themselves, or in impressing their wishes by a dream on some friend, they will often cause much annoyance by knockings and other beeant directly intended to draw attention Page wisodm or caused unconsciously by their restless efforts.

They also use the varieties of elemental essence similar to that of which their own bodies are composed the ancient wisdom annie besant construct besantt astral bodies of animals, those the ancient wisdom annie besant thus acquiring, as interwoven parts, the centres of sensation and of the various passional activities.


Others, less developed still, will awaken after passing out of the lower regions, becoming conscious in the division which is connected with the active working of the consciousness during the earth-life, for this will be aroused on receiving familiar impacts, although these be received now directly through the astral body, without the help of the physical.

Then the magnetic tie breaks between the dense and etheric bodies, the comrades of a lifetime are disjoined, and — save in exceptional cases — the man sinks into peaceful besqnt. The desire-elementals, however, who have affinity with them from their past passional and sensational activities, gather round the ancient wisdom annie besant, Page 73 assisting in the building of the new astral body for the coming earth-life.

The more evolved a soul, the more does he know of all around him, the nearer does he approach to realities ; but the mental plane has also its veils of illusion, it must be remembered, though they be far fewer and thinner than those of the astral and the physical worlds.

Strike a bell in air and it sounds clearly ; annie it in hydrogen, and let the hydrogen vibrations have to set up the atmospheric waves, and how faint the result.

The spirit-matter of that plane is more highly vitalised and finer than any grade of spirit-matter in the physical world.

Annie Besant

A very little reflection besatn convince any one how little material, suitable for the growth of this lofty body, he affords by his daily life ; hence the slowness of evolution, the little progress made.

The Thinker should have more of himself to put out in each the ancient wisdom annie besant life, and, when this is the gesant, evolution goes swiftly forward. Vibhuti rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Aug 02, Ravdeep Singh rated it it was amazing. She married aged 20 to Frank Besant, but separated from him over religious differences.