Sirat Rasul Allah (Life of the Apostle of God) is the Arabic term used for the biographies of Muhammad, from which most historical information about his life and. The life of Muhammad: A translation of Ishaq’s’Sirat Rasul Allah’ [Muhammad Ibn Ishak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. islam prophet muslim ibn ishaq islamic biography religion sources muslims translation guillaume arabic god source allah english earliest text historical.

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Beside a frequent note that only Sirat rasul allah knows whether a particular statement is true or not p. Views Read Edit View history. Wednesday 11th April 12 pm GMT.

His work was published for the use of the Abbasid Caliph Al Mansur and there appear to be no grounds for believing that he was less careful than other traditionalists. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat Ibn Khallikan describes him: Still, it is evident from a comparison of his text with the quotations sirat rasul allah by Tabari from the same passages of Ibn Ishaq that whatever he did copy from his author his quotations were faithfully and accurately quoted.

Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad Translated by A. Guillaume

A student of Ibn Ishaq was al-Bakka’i who edited Ishaq’s work leaving out reports he thought were untrustworthy. He rejects his own. He was celebrated for his learning, and possessed superior information in israt sirat rasul allah grammar.

Sirat Rasul Allah Life of rxsul Apostle of God is the Arabic term used for the biographies of Muhammad, from which most historical information about his life and the early period of Islam is derived. Brill Academic Publishers, Sirat rasul allah survives is the commentary on Ishaq’s biography by Ibn Hisham and extracts from the voluminous histories of Al Tabari.


He lived for some time with Al-Waqidi in the character of a secretary, and for this reason became known by the appellation The Secretary of Waqidi. Type and press Allahh to search. Ibn Ishaq was the first to place Islam and its founder in the scheme of universal history.

According to Islamic scholar Fred Donner at the University of Siraf, the material in ibn Hisham’s and al-Tabari’s recensions are “virtually the same”. Muhammad bin Ali Rawandi.

Muhammad ibn Umar al-Waqidi was born at Medina and studied sirat rasul allah wrote exclusively under the Abbasids. The traditions are well classified, and his narrative proceeds with much of sirat rasul allah regularity of an ordinary biography.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Documents that we know to be further edited down the ages to suit the agenda of the authors.

Sirat Rasul Allah

Ibn Ishaq initially lived in Medina but came in conflict with the representatives of religious and legal tradition, which dominated sirat rasul allah opinion in the town, notably with Malik b.

Narratives of Islamic origins: Follow me on Twitter Alalh Tweets. His Holy places are in Arab lands; his sacred language is Arabic. This manuscript is written in an ancient but very distinct character, it was transcribed at Damascus in A.

An abridged translation was made by Sirat rasul allah and published under the title Muhammad in Medina, Berlin The arrangement and composition of Ibn Hisham are careful, if not elaborate although frequent fusion of traditions occurs.

Islam is in its origin an Arab religion.

Sirat Rasul Allah – European Defence League

He lived in Egypt but his family were from Basra. In addition, Guillaume at p. Sirat rasul allah to Donner, the material in ibn Hisham and al-Tabari is “virtually the same”.


We find a sirzt biographer, Tabari, making a quotation from Ibn Ishaq, in which is described the temporary lapse of Muhammad into idolatry; and the same incidents are also given in Waqidi from other general sources. European Defence League on Facebook. This page was sirat rasul allah edited on 26 Julyat In the Islam of converted countries there is an element of neurosis and nihilism.

Cf, Guillaume at p.

Ibn Ishaq – Wikipedia

Exposing Pillars of Sand. Islam is not simply a matter of conscience or private belief. Yet it was one of the earliest substantial biographies of Muhammad. The sira literature differs from the hadiths in that they are in a continuous story form. MedinaAlexandriaSirat rasul allah.

Mirza Mehdi Khan Astarabadi. The Sira of Ibn Ishaq approx A. The Arabs were expanding militarily at this time and needed aallah religion and a prophet to justify their new-found hegemony.

However, testimonies abound in favour of Ibn Ishaq in the Muslim world, and of his general respectability as a writer. But no notice whatever of the fact appears in the biography of Ibn Hisham, though it is sirat rasul allah based upon the work of Ibn Ishaq. The fact remains however, that Muslims do not refer to the early original sources but prefer the modern biographies with their marvellous tales.

Alternatively, Al Mamun testified a high respect for him, and treated him with marked honour. This page is featured in the core sirat rasul allah, Islam and Scripture which serves as a starting point for anyone wishing to sirat rasul allah more about this topic.