RA – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Republic of the Philippines. Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Republic Act No. December 13, AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE PHILIPPINE. Creation of PNP. RA An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a Reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and for.

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Such command and direction of the Chief of the PNP may be delegated to subordinate e.a.6975 with the r.a.6975 to the units under r.a.6975 respective commands, in accordance with the rules and regulation prescribed by the Commission. It shall include the power to employ and deploy r.a.6975 or elements of the PNP, through the station commander, to ensure public safety and effective maintenance of peace and order r.a.6975 the locality. The Commission shall be a collegial body within the Department.

The Fire Chief shall recommended to the Secretary the organizational structure and staffing pattern, as well as r.a.6975 disciplinary machinery for officers and men of the R.a.6975, in accordance with the guidelines set forth herein and as provided in Section 85 of this Act. No retired or resigned military officer or police official may be appointed as Secretary within one 1 year from the r.a.6975 of his retirement or resignation.

Provided, That, in all r.a.6975, the total period shall not r.a.6975 sixty 60 days; 4 The Chief of the PNP shall have the power to impose the disciplinary punishment of dismissal from the service; suspension or forfeiture of salary; or any combination thereof for r.a.6975 period not exceeding one hundred r.a.6975 days. Powers and Functions of the Department. Provided, r.a.6975, That failure of the regional appellate board to act on the appeal within said period shall render the decision final and executory without prejudice, however, to the filing r.a.6975 an appeal by r.a.6975 party with the Secretary.

Provided, That there shall be r.a.6975 least one 1 PLEB for every municipality and for each of the legislative districts in a city. Such complaints or grievances shall be resolved at the lowest r.a.6975 level in the unit of command and the respondent shall have the right to appeal from an adverse decision to higher authorities. Provided, finally, That, r.a.6975 cadet services, the maximum number of service to be credited shall not exceed the duration r.a.6975 the pre-commissionship course specified in the curriculum.


Doctors of medicine, members of the Bar, and chaplains shall be appointed to the rank of senior inspector in their particular technical service. Specific Powers and Functions of the R.a.6975. The personnel of the existing Department of Local Government r.a.6975, unless removed for cause r.a.6975 after due process, continue to perform their duties and responsibilities and shall receive their corresponding salaries r.a.6975 benefits.

The head r.a.6975 the Inspectorate Division with the r.a.6975 of chief superintendent shall assume the position r.a.6975 of Inspector General. Provided, furthermore, That the regional or National Appellate Board, as the case may be, shall decide the appeal within sixty 60 days r.a.6975 receipt r.a.6975 the notice of appeal: R.a.6975 member shall hold office until his successor shall have been chosen and qualified.

R.a.6975, That, in case of any officer r.a.6975 the rank of chief superintendent, director or deputy director general, the Commission may allow his retention in the service r.a.6975 an unextendible period of one 1 year.

Provided; That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed fifteen 15 days. He may also impose the administrative punishment of admonition or reprimand; restriction to specified limits; withholding of privileges; suspension or forfeiture of r.a.6975 demotion; or any combination of the foregoing: However, if his continued disappearance was fraudulent or made in bad r.a.6975 he shall, together with his co-conspirators, be prosecuted according to law. There shall be at least one 1 regional appellate board per administrative region in the country r.a.6975 be composed r.a.6975 a senior officer of the regional Commission as Chairman and one 1 representative each from the PNP, r.a.6975 the regional peace and order council as members.

The Integrated National Police, which is the civilian component of the Philippine Constabulary-Integrated National Police, shall cease to be the national police force and in lieu thereof, a new police force shall be established and constituted pursuant to this Act.

Issuances Details

Provided, however, That in r.a.6975 case shall any officer who has r.a.6975 or is retirable within six 6 months from his compulsory retirement age be appointed as Chief of the PNP. Uniformed Personnel Missing in Action.

In order to be qualified for transfer to the PNP units in Metropolitan Manila and in r.a.6975 urbanized cities, an individual must have completed not less than second year collegiate work or its equivalent in training of seventy-two 72 collegiate units. R.a.6975 times of national emergency, all r.a6975 of the PNP, the Bureau of Fire R.a.6975, and r.a.6975 Bureau of Jail Management and Penology shall, upon direction of the President, assist r.a6.975 R.a.6975 Forces of the Philippines in meeting the national emergency.


Suspension of Operational Supervision and Control. It shall, likewise, be the duty of the city or municipal mayor to sponsor periodic seminars for members of the PNP assigned or detailed in his city r.a.6975 municipality in order r.a.6975 update them regarding local ordinances and legislations.

In addition, a PC officer or enlisted personnel may transfer to any of r.a.6975 branches or services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in accordance with the provisions of Section 85 of this Act. Provided, That the minimum police-to-population ratio shall not be r.a.6975 than one 1 policeman r.a.6975 every one thousand 1, persons: The heads of the municipality or city offices with the rank of chief inspector shall be known as R.a.6975 of Police.

r.a.6975 The PNP shall r.a.6975 composed of a national office, regional offices, r.a.6975 offices, district offices, city or municipal stations. The approval applications for licenses to operate private security agencies, as well as the issuance of licenses to security guards and the licensing of firearms and explosives, shall be decentralized r.a.6975 the PNP regional offices.

He shall be assisted by a deputy chief with the rank .ra.6975 chief superintendent. Longevity Pay and Allowances. Entitlement to Reinstatement and Salary.

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Establishment of Fire R.a.6975. The actual strength by cities and municipalities shall depend on the state of peace r.a.6975 order, population density and actual demands of the service in the particular area: Each of these regional offices shall be headed by a regional director r.a.6975 peace and order.

At the national office, the r.a.6975 of the directorial staff with the rank of deputy director general shall be known as Chief of r.a.6975 Directorial Staff of the PNP. Great r.a.6975 must be exercised r.s.6975 that the human rights of this prisoners are respected and protected, and their spiritual and physical well-being are properly and promptly attended r.a.6975.

The National Appellate Board r.a.6975 conduct its hearings or sessions in Metropolitan Manila or any part of r.a.6975 country as it may deem necessary.