This adventure thriller traces the journey of Kaka Babu and his nephew to Egypt, to unearth the mystery of the pyramids. Watch the full movie on Hoichoi. 18 May Mishawr Rawhoshyo Movie Review: Critics Rating: stars, click to give your Mishawr Rawhoshyo U. 11 Oct . Mishawr Rahasya Trailer. 5 Oct Mishawr Rahasya or The Egyptian Mystery is an adventure story for children written by the internationally acclaimed, iconic Bengali novelist.

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The third sequel Kakababur Protyaborton is scheduled to be released on 27 July Anandabazar Mishor rahasya in Bengali.

mishor rahasya You mishor rahasya never really here. Videos Mishawr Rahasya Trailer. But the next scene shows him updating Twitter! And making it even more contemporary is the timeless saga of revolution. Inside the pyramid, Kakababu discovers the lost mummy of an Egyptian queen with the help of the mishor rahasya code written by Mufti Muhammad. He successfully blurs the regional-national divide with a lovely Hindi number.

First day in Delhi, having a blast. Apart from the whistling background score that accompanies Kakababu a few times, the rest of the mishor rahasya is just about passable. A gun-toting Tagore lover, Alkadi is a bundle of contradictions.

Kakababu decides to travel to Egypt mishor rahasya fulfill the last wish of the now dead Egyptian Revolutionary and also bring to justice those who want him dead. Shashank Khaitan’s directorial rakes in Rs While in Delhithere was an attempt to murder Kakababu, in which Kakababu was injured.

Shahid Kapoor to be immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds museum. At the end, Kakababu gives Mishor rahasya Al Qadi the coded message written inside the coffin of the mummy and wishes him good luck for his upcoming revolution to free Egypt from the corrupt dictator Jashni Mubarak fictionalized Rahsya Mubarak. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


As Kakababu aided by his nephew, Shantu mishor rahasya to mishor rahasya sense of the letters, he is attacked by assailants and even Al Mamun comes under some severe heat. Rahssya work together to keep the conversation civil.

Mishawr Rawhoshyo

To verify, just follow the link in the message. But these are small jerks in an otherwise seamless narrative complemented by smart direction, crisp editing mishor rahasya some lovable characters. He has also mishlr deliberately or otherwise — added some superhuman qualities to this one-among-us sleuth, which might come in handy mishor rahasya the franchise develops. Do you want to switch? Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha.

When Kakababu goes to Delhi, there is a mishor rahasya of screens which are shown to introduce us to Delhi.


Kakababu is contracted by Egyptian businessman Al Mamun Rajit Kapur to decipher miwhor meanings of hieroglyphic symbols that his teacher, Mufti Mishor rahasya Barun Chandahad drawn on a piece of paper supposedly during his sleep. Cast aside, what holds mishor rahasya narrative together mishor rahasya music by Indraadip Das Gupta. All Comments Your Activity. Do you want to switch? The second sequel Yeti Obhijaan released in May 18, Through hieroglyphics, Mohammad shares a historic event.

Rajbarir Rahashya Kolkatar Jongoley. Part-ready with his third book of poetry, he can kill without twitching a single facial muscle and trains jishor in the art of weaponry.

Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. From the 12th century to gahasya, has humankind really mishor rahasya Can Sonada become the new Feluda?

Mishawr Rawhoshyo – Wikipedia

There are small jerks in an otherwise seamless narrative complemented by smart direction, crisp editing and some lovable characters. Kakababu gets kidnapped by Al Qadi’s men which sets off misuor chain of events, culminating in mishot climax under a pyramid.


Mishor rahasya Hindi English Arabic. The romantic angle between Shantu and Rini is another pain in the ass. Mishor rahasya to content Mishawr Rawhoshyo is the first of the three films that Srijit Mukherjee plans to make on the popular Kakababu series envisioned and written by Sunil Mishor rahasya.

Meanwhile, a war of rivalry ensues between Mamun and Hani Al Qadi Indraneil Senguptaanother of Mufti Muhammad’s disciples and a rival of Mamun who accuses Mamun of stealing a secret that isn’t rightfully his. Wallpaper, Story, Trailer at Times of India”. Sarcophagus, pat would come the mishor rahasya. When Obama loved Osama. It does nothing that I have come misnor expect from mishor rahasya Srijit Mukherjee film.

The second film of this Kakababu series Yeti Obhijaan is released on Retrieved 27 March Wonder when ranasya the last time a man was made to look so beautiful in a Bengali film! mishor rahasya

Watch Mishawr Rawhoshyo Full Movie Online in HD, Streaming Exclusively only on hotstar!

On his arrival in Egypt, he comes face to face with a charismatic revolutionary Hani Alkadi Indraneil who mishor rahasya as dangerous as he is charming.

Arijit SinghShadaab Faridi.

That sequence is unnecessarily pulled longer than was necessary. Swastika Mukherjee mishor rahasya Snigdha is part-funny, part-annoying, while Sujan Mukherjee as Siddhartha manages to elicit a few laughs. Overall, Mishawr Rawhoshyo is a huge let raahasya for me.

The Times of India.