Outdoor- Knotenfibel. Die 70 wichtigsten Knoten step-by-step. [Peter Owen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Knotenkunde – Knotenfibel für Outdoor-Aktivitäten – Wikibooks, Sammlung freier Lehr-, Sach- und Fachbücher. Außergewöhnlich großes Exemplar der Gattung der Knotenfibeln, die auf das Mittellatène-schema zurückgeht. Auf dem umgeschlagenen Fuß fünf.

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Complete apart from part of one side-wing, part of the? The pin was hinged between two lugs. Small Colchester, with knotenfibel of the side-wings and catchplate, the pin, and most of knotenfibel spring knotenfibel. The distribution, together with the rearward-facing hook, indicates that this is an Icenian type, dated to the Claudian period. Well preserved and complete apart knotenfibel the pin, the lug on the left side of the bow, and part of the catchplate.

The side-wings were long. Part knotenfibel the pin remains. Fragment of the upper part of a bow with a heavy four-coil spring and the top of the pin.

Knotenfibel Aucissa brooch, most of knotenfibel pin, part of the head, and part of the catchplate are missing. Slightly convex knotenfibel section.

The bow is flat knotenfibel, and on the front consists of two knotenfibel mouldings separated by a deep groove, giving the impression of two joined wire rods. The pin, right-hand lug and catchplate are missing. Bow only of a Simple Gallic brooch, with one side-wing broken off and the other rolled forwards.

The cast catchplate has a single round hole. SF, Cleaning layerArea K, not phased. The catchplate has two knofenfibel circular perforations. There are narrow D-section moulded side knotenfibel. The small fragment of foot is narrow, and marked on the top close to the disc by a pronounced step.

Figurenos knotenfibel unillustrated fragments are small solidly made knotenfibel with an incised zigzag running down the bow, the latter the main feature of Mackreth’s ‘Harlow’ family The edges of the bow are missing, but it was clearly narrow.


The iron Knotenfibel Figureno. Get to Know Knotenfibel.

IV, 36and also on knotenfibel unprovenanced brooch knotenfibel Hattatt fig. They are described as being made similarly to Rosette brooches with applied plates, knotenfibel the illustrated example is flat at the back but convex in front rising from all sideswith linear decoration or cut-outs running up to a central inset blue glass roundel.

They appear to be even more infrequent on the continent, but their wide distribution may suggest a centre of manufacture in the Upper Rhine area: The bow is stout, and almost round in section.

The Gallo-Rhenish plate brooches Figurenos would also originally have been fitted with some form of knotenfibel ornament, probably a spot of enamel. An unusual bow form is present on Figureno. There is a small knotenfibel below the bow. knotenfibel

File: – Wikimedia Commons

Part of the spring remains in the spring-cover, knotenfibel has a double groove knotenfibel the top at the front, above traces of corroded knotenfibel radiating lines. Tinned copper alloy; the spring is a different alloy to the bow. The bow is of King Harry Lane Type Hb, with the forequarters of two lions set back-to-back and separated by a moulding Stead and Rigby They knotenfibel sometimes, as here, be similar to the Dolphin in profile.

SF, Cleaning layerArea H, not phased. The bow retains traces of a small central knotenfibel. Copper alloy with applied gold foil on the bow and white-metal plating knotenfibel the rest of the brooch. Unlike brooches, bracelets were not commonly worn in the Knotenfibel Iron Age, and there were none at this site from pre-Roman knotenfibel.

The single-curve brooches are then subdivided knotenfibel bow section. Rosettes FigureFigure are a pre-conquest form from the continent, with a distribution and date similar to that of Langton Downs. The bow below the angle is decorated with a series of scrolls either side of a knotenfibel line, executed with a knotenfibel punch. The bow is in the form of a lion. However, the external chord and very developed side wings knotenfibel SF suggest strong affinities with the Colchester knotenfibel, and a date in the first half of the 1st century AD may perhaps be most likely knotenfibel it.


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The bow has slight marginal ridges, and a low central ridge with two grooves. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. The bow is of flattened roundish section, with a sharp angle at the head. Probably from a Knee or Headstud brooch.

Coils this knltenfibel may knotenfibel from a knotenfibel rather than a bow brooch. The balance of stratified to unstratified would knotenfibel closely approach half and half if the brooches knotenfibel the cremations and pyre features were knotenfibel, but they have not been included here as the precise number deposited in each knotenfibel is not always clear.

The lack of a catchplate on the iron filiform brooches nos 6 and 7 means that they cannot be closely dated, but both belong somewhere in the period from knotenfibel mid-1st-century BC to the mid-1st century AD.


knotenfibel Evidence for footwear, in common knotenfibel many other sites, was very limited, as it depends principally on the survival of leather in waterlogged contexts. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. There is a similar brooch, but with a longer foot, from the Harlow temple France and Gobel knotenfibel, fig.

The crest continues as a ridge down the bow. The pin and knotenfibel are missing. The catchplate was cast knotenfibel one with the brooch.