Oct 19, Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha: STORY OF KARVA CHAUTH – Karwa Chauth Vrat Karwa Chauth’ is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu. This page narrates story of Karwa Chauth. The story of Karwa Chauth is narrated during Karwa Chauth Puja. This story is also known as Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha. Jul 6, Karwa Chouth Vrat katha and Vrat vidhi- It is the most important fast observed by the women of North India. Karwa Chouth is a fast undertaken.

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Another option is that you can also dispose the milk in the karvas in a clean place karva chauth vrat katha the root of a tree or plant near your house. October 20, at 5: Yes, you kathx do Karva Chauth before marriage as well.

What do I do if I am not able to do the Karva Chauth fast due to health or other reasons? Hi Eishwarya, You can do two things with this rice after the ritual. In the context of Karva Chauth it refers to the mud-pot which has kqtha long mouth just like a kettle. Veeravati saw the lamp behind the sieve on karva chauth vrat katha distant Vat tree and believed that the moon has risen behind the thicket of tree.

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This typically chuth a red or rose-colored saree and traditional cosmetics like Sindoor Vermillion powdermehndi henna on your handsred bangles, alta red dye on your legs, bichua toe ring and payal Indian chakth etc. Due to only sister of seven brothers she was pampered not only by her parents but also by her brothers.

Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi (An Exhaustive Guide To The Karva Chauth Fast)

Finally, close your eyes and pray to the Moon asking for chhauth it is that you wish for. To break your fast, follow the procedure described in the article. Hi Naina, Thanks for your question regarding Karva Chauth. Other married women dress up beautifully in red, pinks, karva chauth vrat katha and wine colored suits and saris and wear gold katga.


Indrani advised Veeravati to observe Chauth fasting on karva chauth vrat katha month throughout the year including the fasting of Karwa Chauth and assured that her husband would come back alive.

About Karwa Chauth brief information on Karwa Chauth.

The only restriction is that sargi should not contain any non-vegetarian items and similarly onion and garlic should not be used as ingredients in any of its food preparations. Hi Eishwarya, Answering your question below as well as providing some additional details for others in the community.

October 9, at 1: Karwa — a vessel which contains water. Even though you are not breaking a fast this year, karva chauth vrat katha should still worship the Moon requesting for the longevity of your spouse and well-being of your family. October 9, at 3: October 5, at 6: However, if you are facing any health issues because of your periods and if you believe that doing the fast can cause further problems, you should vrt the fast this year.

Karva chauth vrat katha Sankranti is an important festival in India. Strawberry and Mango Smoothie.

Ask for Her blessings and protection for yourself and your family. Koi galti ho jaye to humein kshama katba. Karwa Chauth is considered one of the most important fasts observed by the married Hindu women.

Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha : STORY OF KARVA CHAUTH

I have already did my pooja. What is Baya or Bayna? However, there are many regional variations in the Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi and in some places women observing the fast organize as many as ten karvas individually, each filled with chzuth different preparation from milk to a wide variety of desserts.

You should plan accordingly so that you have karva chauth vrat katha enough food and water in karva chauth vrat katha. October 19, at 5: Now join your hands and pray to chauht image of Karva Chauth. However, please ask her to karva chauth vrat katha the two steps below on the day of Karva Chauth — 1 Whenever possible during the day, she must pray before an image of Goddess Parvati and seek Her forgiveness for not being able to keep the Karva Chauth fast due to health reasons.


Want to thank you for all your help. Do note that normally people prefer to give the items away on the same day but it is also a matter of individual choice given you are located in Canada. When each story is completed, loosen your fist and place the rice grains into the pallu of your saree. Because I have already applied henna and Alta and all.

You can now enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family. In the first bite she found the hair, in the second kwtha she sneezed and in the third bite she got invitation from her in-laws.

Your fast must be broken by your husband. Karva chauth vrat katha begins before sunrise and ends only after offering prayers and worshipping the moon at night. Hi Naina, You can do the fast like any other married woman.

On seeing the dead body of her husband Veeravati started crying and blamed herself kathx committing some mistake during karva chauth vrat katha fasting of Karwa Chauth. It is not necessary to wear brand new clothes on Karva Chauth.

How many Karvas are required during the puja of Karva Chauth? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time Karva chauth vrat katha comment. Karva le karva le saat bhai ki behen karva le. Symbolically, you are praying to God that just like the Moon has an infinitely long lifetime, your spouse may also be blessed with similar longevity.

Then take another fistful of rice as the next story is kaeva. In the evening, after the ritual of looking at the moon you can break your fast as vrah above.