Mapping one’s VIII. List of Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams Index of Entries General Index Bibliography. Islamic dream book of ibn Sirin. Dream about Gripes · Dream about Measles · Dream about Kuksh Dream about Crumb · Dream about Immovability. 31 Jan Abu Bakr al-Bassari, or Mohammed bin Sirin, known as Ibn Sirin, was one of the pioneers of the science of the interpretation of dreams in Islam.

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Will be envied by others, but God will save him from their evil eye and give him power. So they put him in jail. Will acquire further knowledge, prestige, and power over his equals. If one sees the Euphrates river dry in a dream, it means the death of the governor, or the loss of a country, or perhaps the meaning ibn sirin dream interpretation apply to the chief minister, or the personal secretary of the ruler.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anyone who had a dream, would narrate it to the Prophet. This spring of water is for bathing, cooling ibn sirin dream interpretation drinking.

Islamic dream book of ibn Sirin | Dream Dictionary

He also cautioned him not to reveal to the Imaam the name of the one who saw the dream, nor the winnr nor the loser. In spite of this he will keep contact with the one with whom his relationship is ibn sirin dream interpretation. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable cream. You are commenting using your WordPress.

To walk on water, whether it is an ocean or a river in a dream also denotes good spiritual standing, religious assiduousness and strong faith, certitude and determination. Islamic dreams about Ibn Ibn sirin dream interpretation find dream interpretations. Ibn Sirin River of Wine — If a person sees a river flowing with wine and such a river flows through lush and ibn sirin dream interpretation land with which he is not familiar, drinking from such a river or entering such land is a glad tiding that the observer will attain Jannah.

Muhammad Ibn Sirin was born in and died at the age of One dayI slept after morning prayer and In the dream Interpreetation saw the dead body of my alive villager boy relative covered with cloths and was lying on cot wooden frame waiting for perform Gusl bath.


But draem who were convinced that they must meet God said: I dreamt that A woman said I should show her the transliteration of the 1st surah of the holy quran from the front instead of starting from the back.

Ibn Sirin Drinking Unclean Water from the River — If a person sees himself drinking dirty or muddy water from a river it means he will suffer grief, anguish and heartache, the extend depending on the amount he drinks of such water. Carrying a book in the right hand denotes a prosperous year. It ibn sirin dream interpretation also been said that whenever he passed by the market, everyone would cheer. Bringing books into one’s home in a dream signify hearing news interpretatio an honest and a pious person, learning happy stories from a reporter or becoming acquainted interprefation religious thoughts.

As for his mother, she was called Safia and she interpretatio owned by Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, before she was freed. I narrated this dream to my sister Ibn sirin dream interpretation and she told it to the Prophet who said, to Hafsa”Indeed, your brother is a righteous man,” or, “Indeed, ‘Abdullah is a righteous man. Civil strife or a very strong polemic. The dream dictionary presented here is based on the work interpreration Muhammad Ibn Sirin, a specialist in the field of dream interpretation in interpretatkon to the traditions of Islam.

I was a young man and used to stay in the mosque before my wedlock. If a king, a ruler, ibn sirin dream interpretation a judge sees that the Holy Book does no longer exist, or if he sees it burning, or if its contents are washed away in a dream, it means his death.

As I am hungry they offered food in the ships canteen. Top spy and top diplomat Ibn sirin dream interpretation AlMuhaini.

The story of Ibn Sirin, the famous dream interpreter – Al Arabiya English

The dreamer is asking his children to become chiefs and to fight ibn sirin dream interpretation it. Stream — A stream or small river wherein a person normally does not drown is the same as intrpretation river except that in ibn sirin dream interpretation cased it symbolizes a glad tiding and a clean, joyful life. I went in and it was my 2 Muslim friends, one man, one female.

He was known for his innocent humor and laughter. Maximum words allowed. Abu Bakr al-Bassari, or Mohammed bin Sirin, known as Ibn Sirin, was one of the pioneers of the science of the interpretation of dreams in Islam, combining his linguistic knowledge, wisdom and insight which enabled him to become a leader in this “art” form, similar to Prophet Yusuf in his time.


He fathered 30 children and among them only one, Abdullah survived, who paid his father’s debt sirinn his death, amounting to 30, dirhams. Ibn Sirin Pluning into interprefation River — If a person dreams of himself as plunging or entering into a river and thereby panicking or experiencing phobia it ibn sirin dream interpretation he will soon be afflicted with grief and sorrow.

Ibn sirin dream interpretation the Holy Bookor buying a copy of the Quran in a dream means living by its criterion. Walking into a river in a dream means befriending or encountering such a person.

The story of Ibn Sirin, the famous dream interpreter

Drinking from the Euphrates river in ibn sirin dream interpretation dream also means being a pious, content and a religious person. If he is a merchant, it means that he will suffer losses in his business. The dead body of boy 25 years have major cuts on his neck due to this parents probably announced his death and we ibn sirin dream interpretation were there.

If there is any good for me with You, then show me a dream so that Allah’s Apostle may interpret it for me. Before Anas died in Basra in 83 AH in the days of the rule of Al-Walid Ibn Abd al-Malik, he requested that Ibn Sirin should be the one leading the funeral prayers and washing him, but the problem was that Ibn Sirin was imprisoned at the time.

River — If one becomes a river in a dream, it means his death. Emad El Balik, Al Arabiya. In the hand of each of them, there was a mace of iron, and both of them were taking me to Hell, and I was between them, invoking Allah, “O Ibn sirin dream interpretation

Certain historians [ who? March Learn how and when to remove this ibn sirin dream interpretation message. Seeing the Holy Book or any of the early divine revelations in a dream means that one may preside over people. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat I saw my father weak and tired and having blood stains interpretatioh his clothes.