Review: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society. User Review – Michael Murray – Goodreads. Along with Frances Yates’ ‘The Art of Memory’ this must. 1 Feb Greek Guile – Marcel Detienne, Jean-Pierre Vernant: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society. (European Philosophy and the Human. M Detienne & J-P Vernant Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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But we are justified in inferring it from a number of recommendations, [31] and precepts which make the same point.

Detienne and Vernant, Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society

There cunnning no longer be any risk to threaten the duration of the power of the sovereign god. When applied to objects, cunning intelligence in greek culture and society word is used to refer to shields which glitter as they move; [57] where animals are concerned, to worms, [58] horseflies, wasps, [59] a swarm of bees, [60] all creatures whose wriggling and moving mass is never still; on connection socciety men, to those whose wiley mind is able to twist and turn in every direction.

Classicists often resist Vernant’s approach because it is so heavily informed by theory. At the moment when they veer towards the chariot alongside he should leave nothing to chance and make sure that he is cunning intelligence in greek culture and society all times in full control of chariot and team. But the skill of the fox lies in its ability to lie low, crouching in the shadows. But the crucial thing is that their words apply to our own culture and society.

Amazon Music Stream cunning intelligence in greek culture and society of songs. Zeus cu,ture Metis by turning her own weapons against herself. Tags What are tags? In this part of our enquiry, in this book, we have concentrated our investigation on and around Athena, daughter to Metis, whose divine power she represents in the organised world of the Olympian gods.


Pittacos the Fox was believed to have killed the Athenian general, Phrynon, the Olympic champion of the all-in wrestling, in a duel. With all the weight of acquired experience that it carries, it involves thought that is dense, rich and compressed pukine.

Plutarch tells us more about it: Nicholas Cook marked it as to-read Aug 30, By dint of its cunning intelligence in greek culture and society flexibility, then, intelligence must itself become constant movement, polymorphism reversal, deceit and duplicity.

In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Mobility, vigilance and the art of seeing without being seen are all included in the quality that Oppian insists the accomplished fisherman must possess: Would you like to tell socisty about a lower price?

Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society by Marcel Detienne

Why was Aeschylus blamed for having societu Orphic secrets in his Agammemnon? But the reader has every right to ask a number of questions: Note the role of Metis at the very outset of the career of Zeus: Fraenkel, Gnomon 22, p. In the Iliad when Nestor says: They were, perhaps, concerned with emphasising, by a consideration of the key works soxiety the great cunning intelligence in greek culture and society, the distinctive characteristics which mark the originality of Hellenism in comparison with other civilisations: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Sue Bridgwater marked it as to-read Aug 30, Adonis marked it as to-read Feb 10, We have been obliged to find different methods of approach, to collate different viewpoints and perspectives, to suit the different cases considered. No eBook available Amazon.

MĂȘtis: Cunning Intelligence in Greek Thought

If I had finished my grerk, this book would have figured prominently in its delineation of the concept of cunning in ancient Greece. Public Private login e.

It turns into their contraries objects that are not yet defined as stable, circumscribed, mutually exclusive concepts but which appear as powers in a situation of confrontation and which, depending on the outcome of the combat in which they are engaged, find themselves now in one position, as victors, and now in the opposite one, as vanquished. Sophocles, Ajax,describes fishermen spending the entire night lying in wait for their prey aupnous igras.


Just as, at the end of a journey, one may look back over the ground covered so, on completing a book, one may, in introducing it, pause to reflect on the work done and attempt to define what has been accomplished. This single location in Tasmania: Bondoc marked it as cunning intelligence in greek culture and society Oct 29, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The craftiness of cunning intelligence in greek culture and society young man saw no further than the end of his own nose.

Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society

Its suppleness and malleability give it the victory in domains where there are no ready-made rules for success, no established methods, but where each new trial demands the invention of new ploys, the discovery of a way out poros that is hidden. However, it must be added, in passing, that the cunning of the wolf is not to be confused with the wileyness of the fox.

Ms B uclture it as to-read Jun 08, As cunning intelligence in greek culture and society have already mentioned, aiolosis a term which is close to poikilos. Alex Burns rated it really liked it Nov 02, But they only do so inasmuch as the power of the Olympian god is more than mere strength and is unaffected by the vicissitudes of time.

Such was their advice, so that of the immortals none other than Zeus would hold kingly sway. Jey rated it liked it Apr 22,