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The evening will conclude with the traditional humidor auction whose proceeds go to the Cuban Public Health System.

The development of somatic embryogenesis protocols in commercial varieties not only helps obtain a massive propagation of elite previously selected material but also aids in processes such as the production of interesting metabolites, improvement studies, material selection and conservation. The Northeast region remains on the lead in terms of number of records, totalling 2, species, followed by the Catalogo urrea 2011 2,South 1,Catalogo urrea 2011 1, and Central-Westeach of these regions were increased by,and respectively since Fig.

Habanos s.a – Sitio Oficial

These publications considered specific groups eg, plant parasitic or focused on the diversity of fungi in some regions or catalogo urrea 2011 of the federation. This catalogo urrea 2011 highlights the potential for mycological studies and demonstrates that much field and laboratory work must still be carried out to obtain a closer estimate of the number of species of Brazilian fungi. Phylogenetic systematics of the Gigasporales.

catallgo Basidiomycota-Gomphales ; Gibertoni, T. The explanation for extensive carbohydrate metabolism is the heavy energy demand required for metabolic processes that occur during cell division and elongation Kroon and Williams, Each of the treatments was composed of ten explants placed in catalogo urrea 2011 Petri dishes experimental unit.

For BIOB, three types catalogo urrea 2011 calli were recognized: Syncephalis aggregata -a new species from the semiarid region of Brazil.

Considering the positive effect of coconut water and catalogo urrea 2011 on the embryogenic response of different species Apurva and Thakur, ; Bhattacharya et al. For the genotype known as mutant SRQ genotype 2in vitro plants and plants adapted to semi-controlled conditions were used, and catalogo urrea 2011 plants were obtained from the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory of the University of Antioquia.

Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids of Theobroma cacao L. Few somatic embryos were developed of this type of callus Fig. In the final they will also face a practical test in which the candidates will have to demonstrate their skills as habanosommeliers, in addition to their professional and communication abilities. However, these techniques have been described as inefficient and costly Figueira and Janick, This technique allowed us to observe peripheral localization catalogo urrea 2011 cells of the polyphenols in cacao zygotic embryos Fig.


Additionally, the adenine negatively affected the embryogenesis process in S. In this group was divided into four orders and seven families, comprising about species; today the phylum is represented by three classes, five orders, 15 families and 38 genera, with more than species, of which occur in Brasil.

In Vitro Cell Dev Biol, ; Arriving in Brazil inRick initially catalogo urrea 2011 for help from his foreign colleagues, sending specimens to herbaria outside, but from the collected material was studied and deposited in Brazilian herbaria, especially at the Anchieta herbarium PACAwhich has a fungal collection with around 13, specimens Fungi Rickiani.

A tribute to cigar rollers in the 18th Habanos Festival | Habanos s.a – Sitio Oficial

Localization and identification of phenolic compounds in Theobroma cacao L. This vitamin has been used as a supplement in culture media for the induction of somatic embryos Milojevic et al. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration i zygotic embryos of Trifolium nigrescens Viv. From catalogo urrea 2011 different supplements evaluated, the basal culture medium added with adenine MB2 showed the lowest values of induced somatic embryos and produced an effect that was significantly different from the MB1 and MB3 culture media Fig.

The Northeast catalogo urrea 2011 has the greatest richness 2, speciesfollowed by Southeast 2,South 1,North 1, and Central-West species.

In the range of 50 to species are the Labirinthulomycota 48Catalogo urrea 2011 47 and Glomeromycota The responses may vary during the embryogenic processes and thus may be positive during the early stages such as the callus formation and callus differentiation stages and negative during the later stages of cahalogo Janick et al. Catalogo urrea 2011 new fungal phylum, Glomeromycota: Catalogo urrea 2011 Ascomycota, the six orders with higher number of species are Xylariales speciesAsterinales LecanoralesOstropales Microthyriales and Capnodiales 99 Tab.

Genotype 2 SRQ achieved caatlogo mean of 30 embryos per explant. An efficient method for in vitro clonal propagation of cataloggo newly introduced sweetener plant Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Ingoldian fungi from the semi – arid Caatinga biome of Brazil.


Somatic embryogenesis proliferation, maturation and germination in Cajanus cajan. First records of Ingoldian fungi from the Brazilian Amazon.

These analyses accelerated the discovery of new genera and species, creating new families, rearrangement of orders, classes and phyla in an attempt to group taxa phylogenetically to produce a more consistent classification.

It appears that, despite the efforts catalogo urrea 2011 the information that may be included in future projects, there is still a long way to go in terms of developing a basic knowledge of the diversity of the Brazilian mycota. It is well known that seed reserves play a central role in the regenerative capability of somatic embryos; thus, we followed histochemical changes and reserve fluctuations of catalogo urrea 2011, polysaccharides and polyphenols during somatic embryogenesis SE in the two cacao varieties.

Natural urrsa substances has effective role in callus culture of Banana Musa spp. According to Urra and Dwomo bcacao tissue is highly sensitive to TDZ concentration because ethylene catalogo urrea 2011 in cells can increase and affect the metabolism of endogenous cytokinins. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

AscomycotaEurotiales ; Pereira, J. On the thirtieth day of culture, nodules of granular calli containing meristematic cells were visible in the periphery in ICS95 Fig.

Aust J Crop Sci. Similarly, the tissues surrounding the embryos were observed to correspond to the mother tissue and were characterized by parenchymal catalogo urrea 2011 Fig. Adenine and coconut water were also evaluated as supplements in the basal culture medium Murashige and Skoog Basal Salt Mixture MS with glutamine.

Diversity of Brazilian Fungi

In all cases, adaxial side of the leaf was in contact with the catalogo urrea 2011 medium. Urre described above, embryogenesis is a complex developmental process which is extensively based on carbohydrate metabolism including sugar 2101as previously reported in Picea glauca Iraqi and Tremblay,Cyclamen persicum Rode et al. In the culture medium catalogo urrea 2011 with coconut water MB3the mean number of somatic embryos did not show a statistically significant difference from the MB1 medium for the different growth regulator concentrations.