QR code for Camasa lui Hristos. Title, Camasa lui Hristos. Author, Lloyd Cassel Douglas. Publisher, Moldova, ISBN, X, Camasa Lui Hristos. Autor: LLoyd C. Douglas EDITURA LUCIA, Nr. pag. Categories: Autori Straini, Beletristica. Share on: Share on facebook Share. Film – The Robe / Camasa lui Hristos (English-cu instructiuni pentru subtitrare in L. Romana) | agnus dei – english + romanian blog.

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Create a new Spongebob image! The Plot It starts off slow.

Where have you been all my life? Sign up now to have all your created images and characters saved for camasa lui hristos use. I really loved the beginning of the story. The Robe will enthrall any reader who gives it a chance.

Preexistența lui Hristos – Wikipedia

Things happen, but none camasa lui hristos them were particularly interesting, and when the story does end, it’s on a slightly unsatisfying note–not necessarily a bad note, just an unfulfilling one. They were close friends. Jul 19, Summer rated it it was amazing. The inside front cover of my copy has the nameplate of Ashael and Camasa lui hristos Allen, who were my grandparents.

Trivia About The Robe. Our Lady would have been the first hristls reach out to Marcellus.

However, I enjoyed the slower pace and reminder of the many wonderful things that happened at hrisgos time. Preview — The Ca,asa camasa lui hristos Lloyd C. His written w was a noteworthy Vamasa minister and author. Something the movie got totally wrong was Marcellus’s relationship with his slave Demetrius.

Whatever happened to the Roman soldier who won Christ’s Robe? Well, I could probably go on forever about this book. My only complaint about the faith aspect is that it wasn’t as explicit as I would have liked about forgiveness of sins. Marcellus Gallio is a high-born, somewhat indolent Roman Tribune who gets shipped to csmasa fractious province of Judaea, and is conscripted into helping execute a young Jewish man accused of treas Lloyd C.


Almost half of the book is a masturbatory Jesus lovefest. Marcellus was outstanding, Demetrius was my personal camasa lui hristos, and Diana The book was already well-worn when I got it, so I keep wondering, who read it so many times? A Roman soldier, Marcellus, wins Christ’s robe as a gambling prize. Want to Read Currently Reading Camasa lui hristos. Once the action picks up, it doesn’t stop until the last page.

The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

NOt bristos publishing date–but the first book I ever purchased for myself–at age 14 camasa lui hristos I still have it. It’s the “other side of the story,” and is absolutely amazing.

View all 15 comments. It is an incredible read and journey.

Spongebob just had a bad day, well guess what. Somehow, all that added to the story for me. It was definitely a long book but I did enjoy this descriptive dramatic story of what might have happened to the robe of Jesus that was cast lots for. Refresh and try again. The theme covers any questions anyone could have about Christianity. He then sets forth on a quest to find the truth about the Nazarene’s robe-a quest that camasa lui hristos to the very roots and heart of Christianity and is set against the vividly limned background of ancient Rome.

I also appreciated the fact that Douglas knew his Bible and camasa lui hristos show Jesus with a few whip marks on his camasa lui hristos.

Do not let the movie version keep you from reading this book because it truly is a beautiful retelling of the story of Christ camasa lui hristos Douglas is a master story teller. The Robe felt very authentic—it didn’t feel like a caricature of Roman times the way the movie version did which also didn’t even come close to doing the camasa lui hristos justice.


Douglas also did a great job of explaining the parables and events of the New Testament smartly but with wisdom camasa lui hristos was easily applicable to the reader. The people scream for the death of a man Marcellus never heard of. What a great find, I remember loving the movie when I was a young girl. Everything else, the crucifixion, death, and resurrection was beautifully portrayed.

Preexistența lui Hristos

Camasa lui hristos, he travels through Galilee talking to anyone who even glimpsed Jesus in order to get the smallest tidbit of information about his New Hero. The job is distasteful to Marcellus because he knows Jesus is innocent, but he has no choice.

And where, if we camasa lui hristos Him half a chance, in the pages of this book He will once again surprise us. I don’t even know where to begin but with one bit of advice: Is this book one that only believers will enjoy or are there any non-Christians who like this book?

So happy I finally read it! I read this book many years ago after having seen the movie. How he gambled for Christ’s Robe and won camasa lui hristos life.

But I wish that Douglas had gone there. The movie does not do such an emotionally-charged book justice!