Written in , Blue Bells of Scotland is the iconic Trombone solo from the early 20th century. The soloist needs every part of his/her technique: extended range. The Bluebells of Scotland is the usual modern name for a Scottish folk song ( Roud # ). Blue Bells of Scotland, for Trombone and Band (As performed by Dennis Smith). Buy Blue Bells of Scotland (Trombone Solo with P at Trombone Sheet Music. The legendary Arthur Pryor setting, in theme and variations f.

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The bracketed numbers tell you the precise instrumentation of the ensemble. Other Required and Solo parts follow the strings: Although the exact date is disputed due to some naming questions, Pryor probably composed the piece around For 17 years we provide a free and legal service for bluebells of scotland trombone sheet music without asking you anything in exchange.

First published in All of them have been carefully writ. Whenever this occurs, we will separate the bluebells of scotland trombone four digits with commas for clarity. It consists of the forces Tchaikovsky’s Orchestra Works – I. Complete Score 8 pages – 1.

Sometimes there are instruments in the ensemble other than those shown above. By Arthur Teombone Pryor U-Play CD available also, number Bluebells of scotland trombone 2 – Jones: Retrieved 12 February Thus a double reed quartet of 2 oboes, english horn and bassoon will look like this: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This system lists Horn before Trumpet. This version is technically challenging and allows the soloist to show off a flowing legato while, in different places, requiring some difficult jumps.


Learn more and set cookies Close. It is often considered to be the trombone and euphonium equivalent in terms of required mastery of the instrument to the Carnival of Venice for trumpet or cornetby Jean-Baptiste Arban. Classic virtuoso showpiece based on an old Scottish folk tune that helped make Arthur Pryor famous.

Public Not listed Private. Suggestion sheet music books 14 scores found bluebells of scotland trombone “Blue Bells of Scotland” on Trombone.

Views Read Edit Bluebells of scotland trombone history. And finally, here is one more way to visualize the above code sequence: For orchestral music, saxes are at the end see Saxophones below. In this case, the winds are all doubled 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets and 2 bassoonsand bluebells of scotland trombone are two each horns and trumpets. Note also that the separate euphonium part is attached to trombone with a plus sign.

Other Required and Solo parts follow the strings:. The first set of numbers before the dash represent the Woodwinds. It was written by Dora Jordanan English actress and writer. Check date values in: Be the first to write down a comment. Strings are represented with a series of five digits representing the quantity of each part first violin, second violin, viola, cello, bass. The Bluebells of scotland trombone example is typical of much Classical and early Romantic fare. However, since all of the published versions are with piano, and the versions with band or orchestra have been arranged by others Simon Kerwin for band, and Peter Hope for orchestra it is not possible at this point to know what the exact instrumentation was.

After the bluebells of scotland trombone, it moves to the allegro section, in which the variations begin.

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Bluebells of Scotland

bluebells of scotland trombone The vivace finale brings all these techniques into one, requiring the trombonist to exhibit advanced range, legato, double tonguing and flexibility.

Titles listed in our catalog without bracketed numbers are assumed to use “Standard Instrumentation.

The cadenza bluebells of scotland trombone follows demonstrates the performer’s range; jumping about three and a half octaves from high C an octave above middle C to pedal A flat and G, for example.

Collections of free-scores-admin 5 Bluebellss folk songs. The first number stands for Trumpetthe second for Hornthe third for Trombonelbuebells fourth separated from the first three by a dot for Euphonium and the fifth for Tuba. Add Videos on this page Add a video related to this sheet music.

Pryor, Arthur Blue Bells of Scotland for Euphonium Solos w/Piano

Therefore, the instrumentation is tagged as undetermined until further details can be ascertained. These numbers tell you how many of each instrument are in the ensemble. Following many of the titles in our Bluebells of scotland trombone Ensemble catalog, you will see a set of five numbers enclosed in square brackets, as in this example:.

Retrieved from ” http: Pryor, Arthur – Variation one involves triplets, while variation bluebells of scotland trombone involves syncopated sixteenth-eighth note bluebelld.

Brass Instrumentation Codes Following many of the titles in our Brass Ensemble catalog, you will see a set of five numbers enclosed in square brackets, as in this example: Haydn’s String Quartets Opus Published by Cherry Lane Music.